My song has no melody, so I hope you like the words

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trying My Hand At Fiction

Now for something different... I'm writing a fictional story about social collapse and redemption in a future country lost in governmental social engineering policies. Sounds fun, doesn't it? I am not as paranoid or sold out to consiracy theories as this seems to indicate. It is a picture of a world I hope will never be, more nightmare than reality.
Anyway, here is the opening paragraph, so far. If it grabs you, let me know!
Ruth held the steering wheel so tightly that her knuckles were white, and it took every fiber of her being not to go over the speed limit. That would have only made things worse by triggering the automatic cameras linked into the city’s database. Today is not a good day for my car to be noticed, she reminded herself grimly. Silently willing herself not to hunch over the cracked and fading wheel or do anything else to attract the attention of curious onlookers, she kept her eyes focused on the busy road straight ahead. The main city artery was crowded with cars swerving to avoid the numerous potholes and cracks that bore silent witness to the decaying city infrastructure. She was surprised by how many cars were still on the road here, and wondered how many of them were driven by government workers.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Writing Out Loud

I did something new and different today, and am enjoying the accomplishment. My last post mentioned that I was working on a devotional book to be published as an e-book. Today I sent it on to the editor, and am excited to see what happens next.
Obviously I hope other people will read it. Why else would I put my writings out in the public realm? Even more, my prayer is that it will be a blessing to others, that God will use my written descriptions of lessons He has been teaching me to encourage others along the way.
Most of the entries deal with how God reveals himself in the midst of trials or in the face of our own weaknesses, because that is where He has most faithfully revealed himself to me. It takes courage for me to let others see how the Lord has been working on this messy lump of clay, but I believe it is worth the risk. My prayer is that readers will gain a greater sense of God's amazing light where darkness once prevailed.
In the meantime, there are a lot of innovative home school tools and other devotionals available at the website where my work will eventually be published. Please check out and see what my lovely friends have to offer!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Crayon Scribbles

The following is a part of my next project, a 30 day devotional for people with a chronic illness. I think most of it applies to all of us. Please let me know what you think!
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, Luke 4:18b
I’m not very good with crayons. As a small child, I colored outside the lines and was punished. I don’t know if I just missed the lines a little bit or colored all over the page, but I was punished and became very fearful. All creative expression felt dangerous.
God has gently pointed out that pattern in other areas of my life. I tend to look for the rules or lines in every situation. Where there are no clear guidelines, I’m a nervous wreck. This is no way to live. Jesus came to set me free from bondage, and He did. I only need to walk in faith through those prison doors. He wants me to feel the sweet fresh air and warmth of sun on my face, and doesn’t demand perfection from me to get there.
So often we live our lives in prisons of our own making, believing we cannot ever be free. We are so concerned with staying on the path we believe is our only choice that we never see that the walls have been torn down. We never even test the door to find out that Jesus has removed the locks that held us captive.
Sometimes our lives are sloppy, with marks all over the page where they don’t belong, but God’s love is not bound by our actions. He forgives us instead of condemning, He even accepts our pitiful crayon scribbles, knowing that we are actually becoming His masterpiece. Our creator doesn’t punish us every time we make a mistake. He is a loving Father who erases the sins of our past through the forgiveness given by grace at the cross.
Thank you, Lord, for freeing me from the bondage of sin.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Viewed in a Frame

Its been too long since I posted here. I hope you enjoy the view from my window...
Acorns leaching brown on new cement
Leaves curled cold by frost’s first kiss
Bright mums rounded yellow
In clay planters by the door
All seen through the breach
Framed in rectangles of glass
Trace of grass lying fallow
Mustiness of leaves
Gentle scents that seep inside
Announcing shorter days
Damp and fog now spreading tendrils
Of warming mist across the ground
Morning in a world at dusk
The sun is glowing gold