My song has no melody, so I hope you like the words

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Earlier this year a remote volcano in Iceland brought modern international commerce to a standstill. The eruption caused such a giant cloud of ice and debris to rise into the atmosphere that planes could not fly over many of the most frequently used flight paths that connect the nations of the world. Food sat rotting on runways, families were indefinitely separated, and the engines of economic production were slipping into neutral or worse. A mountain in the remote northern reaches of our planet basically sneezed, and we were powerless to resist it.

All of this upheaval to the efforts of modern man was caused by a small part of God’s creation. You would think that when events like this occur, when God figuratively allows a mountain to sneeze, that we would be humbled by his might. Yet I sensed none of that in the world around me. I heard people frustrated that they had to change their plans and routines, but no awe of creation itself or the Creator of it all. Most folks were missing the point that all of our plans amount to nothing in God’s eyes. If just one small part of what He created can have such a dramatic impact on our world, what does that say about our insignificance compared to His Glory?

And yet, He tenderly loves each one of us, and knows us intimately, even better than we know ourselves. He loves us so much he suffered and died to restore our relationship with him. He desires to work in us and through us to accomplish his purpose. Paul wrote that ‘when I am weak, he is strong.’ Events like those described above remind me that even our greatest strengths are weak and useless compared to God’s splendor, and I marvel at the sacrificial love He demonstrates by welcoming us into His Presence.

We are approaching the day when we celebrate God’s choice to send His only Son here to earth to save us all. Remember how much glory and power that babe in a manger had, and worship Him in gratitude for giving it all so we could be free.